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“running with purpose”

“Protect Kids”

“End Cancer”


ALANIS 12 Coastal Series 2018

Monday Oct 15th – Friday Oct 26th 2018

12 events in 12 days – the ULTIMATE challenge including the Barossa Brave on  Day 6


Sat Oct 20th 2018

COASTAL CLASSIC 5 – a 6 part 5km Series

July – Dec 2018

Our two Semaphore courses and the Port Adelaide (Port Loop) course are measured to AIMS Standard.
The courses were measured by an AIMS Certificate C Measurer.
This ensures all runners that our marathon courses are accurately measured to 42.195kms.
This also applies to all other distances on these courses.

Our LeFevre Coastal Marathon AND Western Coastal Marathon events in 2018 are now AURA listed.

**Be brave and join our team “BRAVERUNNER” Facebook group running with purpose to help Bravehearts educate, empower & protect our kids from sexual assault  and also to help the ACRF find a cure for cancer.**

Anyone who runs any of our “coastalfunruns” events  automatically qualifies to become part of the team. 

You can request to join our team….team BRAVERUNNER closed Facebook group.

(This group was created to keep all our team BRAVERUNNER & team BraveVOL members together and updated with all the latest news & events and to help support and keep in contact with each other. The group is open to anyone who has either ran, walked or volunteered at least once at any of the “coastalfunruns” events. This group is dedicated to proudly supporting BRAVEHEARTS & ACRF through attending our events.)

You can also request to join our BRAVERUNNER AUSNZ 100 Marathon Club closed group if you have or intend to run the marathon distance.

Upcoming events –


>>>SPRING Coastal<<<

Sun Sept 2nd 

Semaphore SA

“A rope’s strength comes from all the individual strands working together.”

– Team Braverunner




target total = $100,000.00 


target total = $100,000.00

  • 75.0%


  • 16.5%


1% equals $1,000 raised

 Walk or run from 3kms to 160kms (100 miles)

Our 3Peat medal

is also be on offer to anyone running the Semaphore Coastal, LeFevre Coastal & Western Coastal events.


CONFIRMED 2018 EVENTS ………..Some registrations open now

Harbour Coastal – Semaphore/Outer Harbour – Mon Jan 1st  

(registrations now open)

Australia Day Coastal – Semaphore – Fri Jan 26th to Sun Jan 28th

(registrations now open)

 Semaphore Coastal –  Semaphore – Sun Feb 25th

(registrations now open)

Grange Coastal –  Grange/Glenelg – Sun March 11th

(registrations now open)

Easter Coastal BUNNY RUN – Good Fri March 30th, Sun April 1st & Mon April 2nd

(registrations  now open)

 Braverunner Coastal –  Semaphore – Sun April 22nd


(registrations now open)

YP Coastal –  (Walkley Heights – Adelaide) – Sun May 6th


 LeFevre Coastal – Semaphore – Sun June 10th

(registrations now open)

BEEP BEEP Roadrunner Coastal – Semaphore –

Sat June 23rd & Sun June 24th

(registrations now open)

Coastal 5 –  Semaphore – Wed July 18th to Sun July 22nd

(registrations now open)

Coastal Classic – 6 x events in Semaphore/Port Adelaide –

July 2018 – Dec 2018

(registrations now open)

 Yorke Coastal West –  Port Victoria – Sun Aug 5th

(registrations now open)

SPRING Coastal – Semaphore – Sun Sept 2nd

(registrations now open )

 White Balloon Day Coastal –  Semaphore – Fri Sept 7th

(registrations now open)

Coastal4Cancer – Semaphore/Outer Harbour/Brighton – Sun Sept 16th 

(registrations now open)

Brave Hart’s Mill Coastal – Port Adelaide – Sat Sept 22nd (just added)

(registrations now open)

 Western Coastal –  Semaphore – Sun Oct 7th

(registrations now open)

“ALANIS 12” Coastal Series –

Mon Oct 15th – Fri Oct 26th 

(registrations now open)

BAROSSA BRAVE – Bethany SA – Sat Oct 20th

(registrations now open)

BRAVE 1000 – Sat Oct 27th – Tues Nov 6th

(registrations now open)

Seaside Coastal –  Semaphore – Sun Nov 18th

(registrations now open)

PORT LOOP Coastal –  Port Adelaide – Sat Dec 15th & Sun Dec 16th

(registrations now open)

 Coastal Brave Series –  Semaphore – Fri Dec 28th  to Mon Dec 31st

(registrations now open)

PROPOSED 2019 Event Dates (other events may be included at a later date)

Harbour Coastal – Semaphore/Outer Harbour – Sun Jan 13th

Australia Day Coastal – Semaphore – Sat Jan 26th – Mon Jan 28th 

Yorke Coastal West – Port Victoria – Sun Feb 10th

Semaphore Coastal – Semaphore – Sun Feb 24th

Grange Coastal – Grange/Glenelg – Sun March 10th

Easter Coastal – Semaphore – Fri April 19th – Mon April 22nd

Braverunner Coastal – Semaphore – Sun May 12th

LeFevre Coastal – Semaphore – Sun June 9th

Coastal 5 – Semaphore – Fri July 19th – Tues July 23rd

Coastal4Cancer – Port  Adelaide – Sunday Aug 11th 

White Balloon Day – Semaphore – Fri Sept 6th

Western Coastal – Semaphore – Sun Oct 6th

Alanis 12 – Semaphore – Mon Oct 14th – Fri Oct 25th

Barossa BRAVE – Bethany – Sat Oct 19th

Seaside Coastal – Semaphore – Sun Nov 17th

PORT LOOP Coastal – Port Adelaide – Sat Dec 14th & Sun Dec 15th

Coastal Brave Series – Semaphore – Sat Dec 28th – Tues Dec 31st