“running with purpose”

“coastalfunruns” is a series of annual low cost, low key coastal fun running community events held in South Australia

Proudly supporting BRAVEHEARTS & the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF)

“Protect Kids”

“End Cancer”

“A rope’s strength comes from all the individual strands working together.”

– Team Braverunner


A note for our running events in the immediate future due to the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.

(Wed 25th March 2020)
Due to the latest COVID-19 update from the PM here are the changes decided for all our scheduled events until June 30th 2020.
  • ACRF Virtual Run – (now until March 31st) – no change.
  • coastalfunruns VIRTUAL RUN – (April & May) – no change.
  • Easter Coastal BUNNY RUN – (April 10th & 11th) – All distances to be run as a virtual event. The exception is the 42.2km marathon distance which will be explained below.
  • Coastal 42 – (April 26th) – 42.2km marathon distance explained below.
  • ROADRUNNER Coastal – (May 10th) – All distances to be run as a virtual event.
  • Coastal GLOW RUN – (May 15th) – To be run as a virtual event – either before sunrise or after sunset so we can see the glow in any pictures you upload to the event page.
  • BRAVERUNNER Coastal – (May 31st) – All distances to be run as a virtual event. The exception is the 42.2km marathon distance which will be explained below.
  • LeFevre Coastal Running Festival – (June 8th) – All distances to be run as a virtual event. The exception is the 42.2km marathon distance which will be explained below.
All distances being run as a virtual event means you can run your own race, at your own pace and at the place of your choice, but it has to be on the actual event day.
I will post all results on the website but you will need to upload your Garmin or Strava screenshot to the event page within 3 days of the completion of the event date. The screenshot must include “actual time” not “moving time”.
I will be available for 2 hours (probably at our usual start location with time to be announced) on the day before each event so that you can collect your bib and finisher medal as they will not be posted out.
The exception is the marathon distance where the 42.2km run has to meet certain requirements to become official. I have an idea to make this happen and I am currently in discussion with the committee re: this distance and will announce shortly exactly what that will involve to be recognised as official by the AUSNZ 100 Marathon Club. I will update this post to reflect what the club have decided. Due to the unprecedented nature of the current circumstances I’m sure we can allow for some modifications to the current marathon rules until things hopefully return to some form of normality in the coming months.
If anyone chooses not to run virtually or with the modified marathon rules you most certainly can receive a full credit or transfer to a future event.
By running virtually you are still supporting our charities both Bravehearts & ACRF.
Cheers for your understanding and please stay well both mentally and physically and remain safe during these challenging times.

The one thing we can still do in these hard times is continue to RUN

In light of the current situation with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the many cancellations and postponements of marathons in the immediate future, the committee of the AUSNZ 100 Marathon Club have decided on the following allowance.
This will assist with the current and unprecedented restrictions in place.
All scheduled marathons up until and including June 8th will be counted as official by the club as long as they meet all other requirements as set out by the club. You will be able to register and run the 42.195km marathon distance with the following criteria..
  • The marathon must be run on the actual event date between the hours of 12:01am – 11:59pm.
  • You must run the exact course and direction as set out on each event page.
  • You must upload proof of your run and time either via Garmin, Strava or the like to the actual event page within 3 days of the event date.
  • Your uploaded time must show “actual time” and not “moving time” (you will have to adjust your watches or phones accordingly.
  • Your run will be self supported with no aid station available.
  • You must start the marathon alone and not in the company of other runners.
  • You must observe all other social distancing rules that are in place.
  • Your run will not be included as official without meeting all the above requirements.
  • Any marathon run after June 8th will revert back to the original rules in place.