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Effective from December 2018 and beyond..
coastalfunruns will be guided by the South Australian Sports Medicine Association (SASMA) with regards to their Hot Weather Guidelines. This will form our “heat policy” and can be viewed here..
Effective from 10/09/2017..
All distances (with the exception of the 50 km, 100 km & 100 mile distances) now have a cut-off time of 8 hours. No exceptions.
(This is a very relaxed cut-off time and one of the reasons is so that we do not put added pressure on our awesome volunteers time).
All marathon distance races (42.195km) must have a minimum of 3 finishers to be eligible to count as an official marathon with the BRAVERUNNERS AUSNZ 100 Marathon Club.
“coastalfunruns” is THE ORIGINAL series of annual low cost, low key coastal fun running community events held in South Australia and proudly supporting our nominated charities. 
Our costs are probably the lowest in Australia and will remain so indefinitely. Until noted otherwise our prices will remain as the fixed Earlybird price ($15-$35). We encourage all runners/walkers to enter events as early as possible to ensure a smoother event day. Finisher medals and bibs need to be ordered at least one week from the event date to ensure they arrive on time. Online entries will remain open until 12 midday a few days before each event date unless notified otherwise. There will be NO on the day entries.
In 2019 and beyond “coastalfunruns” events will be cup free. You will need to provide your own form for drinking the provided sports drinks and water..


**Just an update effective from March 1st 2021. We are very low cost, low key with a heavy focus on the fun and enjoyment of running. We continue to remain as flexible as possible with most rules and regulations, but at the same time there is a need to add the following guidelines effective immediately. To keep some level of professionalism we need to set some fixed rules in place. All runners must start at the scheduled start time for all distances at all events.
Any early starts are only allowable with good reason by prior arrangement with coastalfunruns at least 24 hours before the event start time.
You must also stay in the distance you nominated and registered for and cannot decide to drop back to a shorter distance or run a longer distance without prior arrangement with coastalfunruns at least 24 hours before the event start time.
This ensures our medal count and bib allocation is correct for all distances and makes our volunteers work much easier including the recording of finish times as we currently use a manual timing system.