Special Events


Runners who have joined the 50/100/150/200/250 marathon club during one of our “coastalfunruns” events.

Peter Mahoney


Peter about to start his 100th marathon at the 6:00am White Balloon Day Coastal event on Friday September 9th 2016.

Peter receiving his back dated 100 trophy during the Port Loop event in December.

Oliver Carey


Oliver being presented with his 100 trophy by our Race Director John Lawrie after running & winning his 100th at the PORT LOOP Coastal on Saturday 17th December 2016

Karin Tappouras


Karin holding her 100 trophy after completing her 100th and finishing third female at the PORT LOOP Coastal on Sunday 18th December. Karin was also first place female during her 99th marathon at the Port Loop the day before.

Colin Brooks


Colin crossing the finish of his 100th marathon at the Brave Hart’s Mill Coastal 2017 in Port Adelaide on Sunday Sept 24th. Colin finished in an awesome time of 3:51:10 and was presented with a 100 trophy.

Ingrid Frost


Ingrid ran her 250th marathon during the Coastal 7in7 Series in October 2017 representing team NZ.

Rick Patzold


Rick also ran his 250th at the Coastal 7in7 Series in October 2017 the day after Ingrid.

Kaz Tappouras

Kaz ran her 150th marathon on Day 3 of the Coastal 10in10 Series December 2017.


David Billett

David notched up his 50th marathon on Day 4 of the Coastal 10in10 Series.


John Kaparelis


John completed his 100th marathon on Day 10 of the recent Coastal 10in10 Series.

Dawn Parks


Dawn ran her 50th marathon also on Day 10 of the Coastal 10in10 Series.